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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Online course for intermediate to advanced violin players


Do you dream of playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on the violin?

Here’s your chance!

I’m honored to collaborate with concert violinist Antal Zalai. His romantic traditional interpretation of Vivaldi Four Season is one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to learn from him together with YOU!

Exclusively for Violin Lounge Antal created an online video curriculum covering ALL the technical and expressive skills required to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons beautifully.

Where students struggle, new videos will be added so that everyone can succeed and enjoy playing these famous concertos. Besides that you’re welcome to send in videos of your playing for feedback (if you want).

Boost your violin skills

* Add Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to your repertoire

* Get more bow control

* Tackle fast runs

* Learn arpeggios, double stops and more!

* Have a ton of fun with us 🙂

This could be you:

Wow, I’ve dreamt to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for years and now I finally can!

My violin skills went to a higher level. I didn’t know there are SO many learning points in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. (and it’s fun to study)

I practice so much more and feel I accomplish something every day!

You taught me to make beautiful music with confidence, Zlata.

What’s inside

Learn from the comfort of your own home


24/7 Access to your violin lessons

Mobile and tablet friendly

Learn at your own pace

Streaming Videos

3 Awesome Teachers

Feedback on your Playing

Technique Tutorials



Dynamical Sheet Music

Lifetime access

Play Together Project

Backing Tracks

Meet your teachers:

Zlata Brouwer

Violin Teacher

In my career as a professional violinist for some reason I never got to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Before conservatory I was a stubborn teenager wanting to explore non-standard repertoire and in conservatory the focus was more on the romantic and virtuoso repertoire. After that a lot of other music (and life) got in the way :D.

Let’s face it: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons can’t miss in your repertoire

Diving deep into the Four Season cycle I noticed that there are SO many learning points I can’t wait to share with YOU. You can boost your violin skills and have a great time by studying these four concertos.

For myself and for you I committed to create the BEST possible course on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We’ll learn alongside each other and I share exactly how I practice. I teamed up with two awesome concert violinist who’ll teach you to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons beautifully.

Antal Zalai

Concert Violinist

“An exceptional violinist, who has perfect technique, beautiful large tone, real musical finesse and maturity as well as noble personality,” wrote legendary Russian violinist Igor Oistrakh of his colleague, Antal Zalai, who is fifty years of his junior, and who is unique among his fellow violinists with his characteristic tone, mature musical phrasing and elegant virtuosity.

Besides touring the world soloing with top orchestras, Antal made beautiful recordings of all 24 Paganini caprices and Bach’s sonatas and partitas.

Zlata is honored that Antal is willing to collaborate on this Vivaldi’s Four Seasons course. Antal has made the core curriculum and breaks down exactly how to play like his famous interpretation of these four famous concertos.

Vivien Hoffman

Concert Violinist

Vivien is a rare gem: an international concert violinist with a pure and romantic interpretation style, who knows how to break everything she learned from great masters down into easy to understand lessons and step by step exercises.

Vivien will be coaching Four Seasons students in feedback videos.


Vivien sets herself apart and makes a distinct mark in the music world by an immense versatility. Besides a highly successful international career as a concert violinist she is also an extremely sought after teacher.

Vivien Hoffman started violin lessons at the age of five and began her studies at the Universität der Künste in Berlin at the age of nine. She continued her studies with Ruggiero Ricci at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and at the Hochschule für Musik ‚Hanns Eisler’ with Professor Werner Scholz.

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1 on 1 Feedback

Send in videos for feedback


    As a teacher team we’ll analyze your video and determine which of us is most suitable to make a feedback video for you. You’re allowed to send in as many videos as you want during the applicable season (as long as you do your homework). You can send a video link or use WeTransfer.

E-mail Guidance

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    Your teacher team is always ready to help you out and get you the best possible results from this course.

Tech Support

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    Following an online course might be new to you. If you can watch my YouTube videos, you can follow this course and I will help you out when stuck.

Let’s sum it up

here’s what you’ll get in my vivaldi course


  • Instant access to exclusive video lessons by Antal Zalai
    Valued: $ 600
  • In depth video lessons by Zlata Brouwer as she studies the cycle herself
    Valued: $ 300
  • Feedback on your videos by the teacher team
    Valued: $ 700
  • Dynamical sheet music and backing tracks for effective practice
    Valued: $ 200
  • E-mail guidance
    Valued: $ 200

Total value $ 2,000

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Join us for Autumn or ALL Four Seasons

Autumn Only

Lifetime Access

$ 99 USD

ALL Four Seasons

Save $ 101 and get a new course each season

$ 295 USD

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Questions you might have…

Is this piece too hard for me?

We won’t go above fifth position and we’ll teach you exactly to tackle the position shifts and the fast scale runs. However, if you are a complete beginner (in the first year of your violin playing), it’s not realistic that you will successfully learn this piece on short term.

Reading notes and experience in some position play (if only the third) is required to learn. However, if you are a beginner or don’t even play the violin, but are interested in a deep dive in Vivaldi’s four seasons, you are most welcome to join.

When in doubt, but it’s your dream to play this piece, make sure to join. You have lifetime access and can learn at your own pace. You can do it!

I already have a violin teacher. Will this course interfere?

In contrary! In my violin journey I’ve had different teachers and followed various courses and masterclasses. This has been very valuable to me. Your teacher will be happy that you do this deep dive in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as it will benefit other pieces you work on in your private lessons.

I’m very busy! Is it wise to join now?

You have lifetime access to the course and can follow along at your own pace. As a mom of three young children I know that life can get in the way, so no sweat if you take your time. This course is an investment you can enjoy whenever you want.

Do I need a baroque violin and/or bow?

No, this course is not about historically informed performance (HIP). It’s about learning the piece on a normal violin in a traditional romantic interpretation. We will honor the urtext and the meaning of Vivaldi.

Is sheet music included in the course?

Yes, sheet music downloads are included in the program as well as accompaniment tracks and play along recordings. However, if you want a printed version, you need to buy that yourself.

What will I get exactly when I enroll and how does it work?

After payment you will get access to the Autumn course including an extensive video curriculum covering all technical and musical aspects of this concerto. New videos are added during the autumn based on questions by students. You can also send in videos of your playing for feedback during the Autumn. When you enroll for all four seasons, you will get a new course each season. All courses have lifetime access.

What technical skills are required to follow this online course?

Not so techy? No worries! If you can watch my YouTube videos, you can follow along this course. Also we’re happy to help if you get stuck.

How much access do I get to the teacher team for individual guidance?

You can ask questions by e-mail and send in videos of your playing for feedback. There are no 1 on 1 live lessons included in the tuition.

Can you learn to play the violin online?

Yes! Zlata has been teaching online and offline over 10 years and has seen time after time how students can breakthroughs online. You can access your teachers and the materials 24/7.

When do I get access? How long?

You have lifetime access and get future updates and additions at no extra charge.

Get Started Now

Join us for Autumn or ALL Four Seasons

Autumn Only

Lifetime Access

$ 99 USD

ALL Four Seasons

Save $ 101 and get a new course each season

$ 295 USD

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with credit card or Paypal

Risk free

100% satisfaction guarantee

Questions about this course?

Zlata is happy to answer and help you make the best choice for you!