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Mini Masterclass: Learn a Beautiful Vibrato on the Violin

In this free mini masterclass you’ll learn:

  • 4 common vibrato mistakes and how to avoid them
  • 4 steps to learning a beautiful vibrato on the violin

Watch the video and download the workbook below:

Download sheet music


Guiding e-book with more tips and information

Download sheet music


Guiding e-book with more tips and information

1Watch Video
2Download Workbook

Have you enjoyed this free mini masterclass?

In this mini masterclass I don’t have time to go through all the exercises and all the exact steps, because you need dozens of videos and exercises for that. The good news is that I can offer you those videos, those exercises, masterclasses from concert violinists and my personal guidance in my online program “Free Your Vibrato”.

You’ve probably noticed that imitating your favorite soloist or your teacher doesn’t work. Doing the same exercises over and over again doesn’t work either.

What you need is a fun variation of exercises, crystal clear practice instructions and personal guidance to keep you on track and to get feedback. “Free your Vibrato” is the only place where you can learn the vibrato step by step, so you actually get the results you want. Also you’ll learn exactly how to keep improving your vibrato for years to come.

Do you desire to develop this beautiful tone quality that belongs to you alone?

Do you yearn to express the emotions you feel in music?
Then there’s no reason why you should postpone learning a beautiful vibrato.

You just need to know exactly what and how to practice…

I’m happy to guide you on your personal vibrato journey in my online program “Free Your Vibrato”:

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