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Build a hands off online biz as a mama and/or music teacher!

Hi I’m Zlata!

I’m a violin teacher in Holland and mama of five kids under four years old (2x twins). I run a six figure online course business that allows me to:

  • thoroughly enjoy motherhood
  • express myself creatively as a musician
  • make a good fulltime income
  • have an empty schedule
  • be around my kids all the time
  • earn income even when I’m not working

I feel called to teach music teachers and mamas all about online business, so they can create an amazing lifestyle for themselves while sharing the good and beautiful.

Pick my brain about business for 3 weeks

Starting July 3rd 2023

I’ve created the Mama Music Money bundle that includes two group microminds in which you can ask my anything about babies and business every day for three entire weeks!

A micromind is a mastermind, but it’s short, laser focused and affordable.

(click here if you want to join just the Music Teacher Micromind)

(click here if you want to join just the Mom Friendly Biz Micromind)

$ 888 value bonuses

When you join my micromind, you’ll get the following three online courses for FREE:

Profitable Violin Studio

Build a violin studio you love and make a good living $ 333

FREE if you join my micromind

How I Do Business

Behind the scenes in Zlata’s thriving online violin studio $ 333

FREE if you join my micromind


Journaling course to get clear on your goals and take inspired action $ 222

FREE if you join my micromind

How will this micromind happen?

As we’re all busy, so I’m using the free Voxer app, which is a little similar to Whatsapp. Voxer works like a walkie-talkie. You can send and receive voice and text messages.

NO appointments, NO live meetings, NO childcare hassle, NO time zone fuss and NO failing internet connections

As a successful ‘mompreneur’ I’ll be in your pocket to support you, inspire you and share my knowledge and experience when you need it.

You can send me voice or text messages whenever you want. I’ll reply to messages within 24 hours (Monday to Saturday).

Also you can connect with the other amazing group members!

You can ask me anything about:

  • motherhood
  • online business
  • not going crazy 😉
  • how to get stuff done with kids around
  • how to find time
  • how (and what) to market and sell
  • what to do on social media
  • how to build an online course
  • what software to use
  • how to tackle the tech


Why would you want to pick my brain about business?

6 figures a year for 10+ years

I’m making 6 figures a year in my business consistently for over 10 years now.

The last 3 years I figured out how to get even better results working from home with an empty schedule.

Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

At age 25 I was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce for my successful violin studio.

Master of Science from Nyenrode Business University

I didn’t only finish my conservatory education to be a violinist, but also graduated at Europe’s no 1 business university: Nyenrode.

Coached by the Best

To figure out online business and marketing I invested a big 5 figure number in coaching from big names like Tony Robbins (Business Mastery), Marie Forleo, Jenna Kutcher and more.

Get the Mama Music Money Bundle!

Starting July 3rd 2023

Join the pilot group for just $ 888 $ 111

You’ll get instant access to $ 888 value online courses: Profitable Violin Studio, How I Do Business and Free-write. From July 3rd you’ll be in two Voxer micromind groups for three weeks to ask Zlata anything you want about business and babies.