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Make Money in Music

Violin Lounge is looking for you!

Imagine earning a good living or a well paying side job with your love for the violin (even if you’re an amateur)

About Violin Lounge

With our teacher team of concert violinists and the best online learning software, we offer high quality educational programs. Our main program ‘Bow like a Pro’ serves violin players worldwide to improve their bowing technique and tone production.

How does it work?

You get your own special link for enrollment pages of Violin Lounge programs. You can share this on your social media channels (ie Facebook groups), in e-mails, in forums, in comments and on your website. No technical difficulties!

When a student enrolls through your link, we’ll pay you 20% of the tuition via Paypal.

By referring only 5 students a month, you can already earn a fulltime living!

For whom is it suitable?

Violin players with a good social media reach who want to monetize on their following

For example you have a popular newbie channel on YouTube or a big Instagram audience.

Violin shops and other businesses serving violin players

You can offer your customers an extra service and create an extra income without cost.

Performing violinists who don’t have the time to teach, but would like to contribute

You can focus on your concert schedule, contribute to violin education and earn some good money doing so. Mainly performers with a good social media following will benefit greatly from being a Violin Lounge Ambassador.

Teachers who want to serve their students even better and earn more money

Your students can get guidance between lessons and you can earn a good income when you’re not teaching.

A win-win-win-win situation!

  • You get a fun and well paying side job or earn fulltime income doing what you love
  • Violin players worldwide benefit from Bow like a Pro and other Violin Lounge programs
  • The Violin Lounge teacher team gets to serve more people
  • The beauty of violin playing and classical music gets promoted for the good of all

Sign up to become a Violin Lounge Ambassador:

We’d love to hear more about you and how you plan to serve the violin community.