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Kerry: Mazas 7 and 11, Adagio by Albinoni, Ševčík Var 1, 2, 4, 10, Allegro Aparto by Mozart (Concerto in A Major)

Light and crispy Mozart

Switch between bow techniques

Seamless bow changes

Mozart Allegro aperto

Variation 10

Variation 4

Variation 2

Adagio by Albinoni

Sevcik variation 2 spiccato

Sevcik variation 1

Finger action in Sevcik variation 1

Singing tone in Mazas no 7

Finger action in Sevcik variation 1

Resources mentioned in this video:

  • Vivien’s daily warm up for the bow hand
  • Practice Variation 1 so slowly that you can control and get exactly the finger action you want

Bonus tip I didn’t mention in the video: if the finger action at the frog is difficult to manage, start a bit above the middle of the bow and work your way down.

Keeping focus in Mazas nr 11

Clean string crossings over multiple strings in Mazas etude nr 11

In this video I explain catching the string and performing the string crossings slowly in steps. Happy practicing!