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Mini Masterclass: 5 Bowing Secrets to Create a Professional Sound on the Violin

Watch the video and download the workbook below:

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Guiding e-book with more tips and information

Download sheet music


Guiding e-book with more tips and information

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Yes, YOU too can make a professional sound on the violin!

If there is ONE thing I want you take a away from this mini masterclass it’s this: Professional bowing technique and tone creation are learnable skills. All violin players can learn the techniques and apply them in beautiful music, expressing their emotions through the violin. You just need to know the exact steps to get there from the level you’re currently at.

Would you love to master the art of bowing and play the violin beautifully?

This mini masterclass was just a little taste of my online masterclass program Bow like a Pro. Bow like a Pro is a beautiful place online where you can go anytime you want for step by step lessons and detailed practice plans to create a beautiful tone, learn all possible bowing techniques and express yourself through music.

Besides being a teacher specialized in bowing and tone myself, Bow like a Pro’s guest teachers are top soloists sharing their secrets. We take countless examples from the greatest violinists of all time and break down how it’s done and how you can do it too.

Thanks for attending this free mini masterclass! Please share it with all violin players you know who struggle with their bowing technique or want to improve it.

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We love to help you out when you need it and we are always looking for ways to improve and expand the program.