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Melodia: Basics

Good sound

Resources mentioned in the video:

Bowing straight

Here’s the silent straight bowing exercise I mention in the video. It’s the third video from the top ‘Developing the Feeling’.

Bowing straight and good practice routine

Resources I mentioned in the video:

  • Module Bow Straight
  • Module Whole Bow (especially take a look at the Thibaud exercise, the quarter bow exercise and the exercises by Anastasiia
  • Daily warming up by Vivien
  • Theme in Module 6 by Vivien (you can also play it in the first position)
  • My scale book in the music library
  • Soundslice course Sensational Scales to see all the steps leading up to the three and four octave scales you mentioned in your e-mail
  • Also interesting: this interview I did with Vivien about getting back to practice and staying motivated